New Blog is FINALLY UP! :)

New Blog is FINALLY UP! :)

 (Picture taken at Central Park, NY)
Hey Guys! It's the Baroness Countess! Yay! I finally have a Blog! I know, (so weird that I was blogging without one) Lol. Is that strange? o.0. I'm really excited to be sharing this journey with you. I will be posting my complete natural hair journey, all the way from the beginning! Can't wait to share my journey with you! Many of you may follow me on social media, but I decided.."Hmm, that's just not enough!" Many of you e-mail me, or ask lots of questions concerning what I use in my hair, my regimen, different styles. Ohh, and my favorite one, "Who cuts your hair in that shape". :) All questions will be answered here! so stay tuned for more posts! Xoxo - Baroness Countess


  1. So excited that you have a blog now! I, too, recently started a natural hair (and fashion) blog. Would love for you to check it out!



  2. You have such amazing hair baroness, the Lord has truly blessed you. Currently, I have relaxed hair which isn't doing badly at all, by that I mean I am not suffering from breakage or any other sorts of hair damage. However, I really long for natural looking, kinky hair. Is there any way to achieve this without resorting to chopping off all my relaxed hair? :)
    I love you and all you do by the way, your beauty, hair, fashion and dedication to God are all really inspiring attributes. You go, girl!


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