Change is Good | Sassy Secret Wig  Review

Change is Good | Sassy Secret Wig Review


*Francesca* "20" Remy Lace Wig Review

by: Lichelle of BaronessCountess

 Hey loves! I've been given the opportunity  to review one of the many  great selections of Lace Front wigs at SassySecret.com. What?! Wigs?! But your natural! Yes, I am a natural! And I'll  never go back :). But sometimes, it's fun to give your natural hair a rest, and wear a protective style!  I don't mind protective styling. Usually I'll wear braids, Or rock Havana Twists. But this time, I'll be wearing a wig, and I have to say, I love it!

So exactly two days a go, I found myself up....at 3 am....with a head FULL of tangles....a comb...olive oil...and my favorite leave in. Believe me when I say, that I was trying my hardest to stay up. It took me almost 3 hours to get done, and all I felt was my eyes weighing down on me. (Not to mention I'm suppose to be out the door by 8am) ( sigh ). When I got home, All I wanted to do was sleep! So I decided that I'd try out my wig that I received from SassySecret. The first thing I noticed was the bright hot pink box that the unit came in. If you guys don't know already, pink is one of my favorite colors ( how typically girly of me lol ) so immediately I was more excited about the box, then the unit......ok focus!
When I opened the box, it came wrapped up neatly in a net. Included was care instructions, as well as a complimentary wig cap. I'm not really a "wig " or weave kinda gal, and If I do wear a wig , it has to be short, to be sure it frames my face. So my initial reaction to the hair was.."Nope, this is not going to work". When I put it on, I felt different. Something I wasn't really use to, but I thought "Change is Good!". After playing with it for awhile, I ended up loving the unit! And that was shocking! You guys know me for my big..."In yo face" "Tangled Fro" so this felt refreshing to look in the mirror, and see the same girl...with different hair! My fro, will always be apart of me. I love my Natural, don't ever get it wrong ;) but this unit was a much needed change that I loved as a option for the moment. Of course I couldn't stay away from my hair, for longer than a few days, but it felt good to switch it up, and be ver-sa-tile!

(Full Lace Wig "Francesca" )
So what do you guys think? Is change good sometimes for you? How do you switch between your natural hair? Leave Comments Below!

(If you would like to see more from SassySecret, check out their website at SassySecret.com)

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