Bravo's RHOA co-star Lauren Williams | Interview

Bravo's RHOA co-star Lauren Williams | Interview

Who is Lauren Williams?

  ( Bravo's Real Housewives of Atlanta co-star Lauren Williams interviews with   baronesscountess.com)

Hey BaronessCountess readers! So, I caught up with Lauren Williams, from Bravo's hit reality show the "Real Housewives of Atlanta". She gave me the scoop on sisterhood with Porsha Stewart, beauty tips, and how she maintains her everyday life! Check it out!

BaronessCountess.com: What is your name, where are you originally from, and what do you do?

Lauren: My name is Lauren D'Andria Williams, I am from Atlanta, Georgia, I am the executive assistant to Porsha Williams from RHOA, and I am a co-owner of and I oversee day to day operations at Naked Virgin Hair www.GoNakedHair.com.

BC: Many of our viewers may know you as the sister of RHOA Porsha Stewart.
What kind of relationship do you have with your sister? What great things do you two do together?

Lauren : My sister and I are extremely close. When I used to hear sisters say "we are best friends" I would always think they were exaggerating. But as I neared my late teens, Porsha and I became very close. We are six years apart so when I was 15, there was no way anyone could get my twenty one year old sister to hang out with me. We are now best friends and pretty much inseparable. When Porsha leaves Georgia for bookings and press runs, I go with her so a lot of our bonding time is spent traveling. We also started a hair company together! Working together so closely has been a challenge but we get better at it everyday and fighting is minimal. 

BC : What does family mean to you?

Lauren : Family means everything! I have a very big family and its hard to keep up with everyone but when we get a moment to get together, it recharges my life batteries. Whenever I'm starting to wonder who I am, who I want to be, and who I've always been, seeing my family always helps. They were really the ones with us "shooting in the gym", figuratively speaking of course lol

 BC : What's Life like for Lauren?(Personal/Career)

Lauren : Life is stressful, beautiful, crazy, and fun. Work is stressful. Love is beautiful. Humans are crazy. Enjoying it all is fun. Work is most important to me right now. I am working in a field that i did not choose, study, or necessarily ask to be apart of but somehow I am making it work. My mom always says, to roughly quote Dr.King, "no matter what you do in life…..do your best! If you are a street sweeper (do they even have those anymore?), be the best street sweeper ever! If you are the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, be the best CEO ever!" She pushes me to just do the best that Lauren can do. That is how I get through each work day.  On the other hand, I have LOTS of fun traveling, partying, and meeting celebs!

BC :  What can we expect from you, in the next few years? Do you have any projects/plans that you've worked on or will be working on?

Lauren : As I previously mentioned, I am currently very much focused on getting Naked Hair off the ground and making it successful as possible. I have not put much thought into my own personal plans….ummmmm. This is the first interview I have ever done about ME! So….. this is pretty exciting. I promised myself that I would focus a little more on me in 2014 so if I've modeled in a magazine, opened a dance school, or moved to another country by December, I wouldn't be surprised ::crosses fingers::.
BC : Some people may classify you as being sweet and reserved, What are 5 things we should know about you?

Lauren : They say that?? lol Maybe the show isn't as "real" as we thought.  lol kidding not kidding…..
Ill tell you five things that my close associates (I use the term friend cautiously these days) would say:
1) I'm loud and I talk a lot-  My roommates always accuse me of waking them up by taking phone calls early in the morning. I also talk a lot…. I like to talk about religion, race relations, partying, dance, sociology, friends, family, business, relationships.. etc. I can meet someone in the grocery and have an hour long conversation with them about the affects of pesticides on todays children which I do not know much about. lol
2) I looooove to dance! At least once a day you can find me in a dance class (ballet, jazz, salsa, zumba, or the occasional hip hop), dancing in front of the mirror to Pandoras top hits station, or at MJQ in Atlanta on Wednesdays jumping up and down to dub step music.
3) I love love….. I love a lot, I love hard, I love most, i just love love…. My best friend always jokes "you have a new best friend everyday and you fall in love everyday….. Im done loving you! you love everybody" loll
4) Contrary to what you will find on instagram…. I can get grumpy….. I have this super happy facade that I like to put on when I leave the house but I am actually a person who over analyzes  & over stresses. I am probably a lot deeper than people would assume. My smile hides a lot. Im rarely sad or angry…. I just think A LOT. lol
5) Im so super excited to write this interview! Its actually therapeutic…. Im now thinking about who I am, what my family means to me, what I want to do with this platform, and how much I need to add to my beauty routine! So thank you for getting me to think about me :) lol

BC : What are some of your Beauty Must-Haves?
Lauren : Neutrogena face wash… the one with the pink bubbles lol and philosophy's hope in a jar, hands down the best moisturizer ever

BC : Can you share a few of your makeup/skin routines?
Lauren : Yea! I never sleep in makeup.. Omg! A few times I've forgotten and my skin retaliated the next morning…… so when I'm filming and wearing makeup daily I follow these steps and when Im not wearing makeup I just exfoliate less
My routine: I exfoliate twice a week with the pink bubbly Neutrogena face wash and then I wash everyday with a gentle face wash like Philosophy's Purity and moisturize with Philosophy's Hope in Jar. I don't get facials much but they help a lot when I get the time.

BC : How would you consider your personal Fashion Style? (Classic, Chic, Boho, etc)
Lauren : Ummm I don't really have a style. Its weird actually…. but kindergarten through high school graduation, I wore a uniform so I never really developed a sense of personal style. Im kind of hippy sometimes wearing chucks and a beanie but sometimes I go back to my preppy days wearing Ralph Lauren boots and a polo and sometimes I just dress like Im 15 years old wearing every color I can find. Dressing happy makes me happy :)

BC : What positive words can you give to our readers on baronesscountess.com?

Lauren : Love who you are. No matter how weird you are, no matter how normal you are…. You can't change it so just embrace it. and smile!

Where can baronesscountess.com readers find you?
Instagram @Lodwill

Thanks so much for letting us interview you Lauren! Please stop by again! <3<3

So what do you guys think of Lauren?! Post your comments below!

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  1. Fun to read! I didn't know about her character on RHOA but she seems like a great girl. I can relate to her in many ways <<333 - Katrina


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