Fun with Buns | Spring Trend 2014

Fun with Buns | Spring Trend 2014

So I was inspired by this photo of Thandie Newton where she had a very untraditional cute yet edgy fun bun! And thought I'd try a similar look using my natural hair and creating a textured bun my way!(check below for my hair bun styles)

This Spring's Trend is no other but the very chic bun style.
(Runway of Inez Di Santo)

It's no doubt that Bun's are very much IN this Spring/Summer so look out for more Bold and Chic Style coming your way!

You guys may have remembered me sporting a few bun styles this past Summer but this year I wanted to try something alil different.
 Below are Two bun styles that I created last year which I loved and thought I'd change it up a bit.

Spring/Summer (2013)

Now (2014)
I decided to jazz up an already Chic style and combine my last year's bun with Thandie's texture fun bun, for this year!

This style was done with perm rods, pulled into a bun and tucked under. (see previous post on how to set rod's and twists)

So how do you guys like this style? Would you rock this textured bun? How would you wear your bun this Spring?


  1. Question for the last picture. Is this a picture of your hair still in the twists, you just hid the perm rods, or is this after you took the perm rods out? We have extremely similar hair, in texture and in cut and I am so happy I found you! Perm rods and flexis are my go to and I just deal with frizzy roots...I am going to try twisting the next time I rollerset my hair to see if that helps! Can't wait to see more! :)

  2. Hey hun! The last picture was after the perm rods were already out! :)


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