Glossybox | Review + Giveaway!(CLOSED)

Glossybox | Review + Giveaway!(CLOSED)


Glossybox is a subscription based company, that charges $21/month for full size and sample size beauty products. I was given the opportunity to review a Glossybox for the first time! For more info on Glossybox, please visit the Glossybox site

1.beautyblender ( Price $20 ) - The original beauty blender in (white) was one of the first items, I noticed in my GlossyBox. Priced at $20, the raved blending tool, was equivalent to the price of the whole box, and I still had 5 more items to review! As I haven't tried it as of yet, I am anxious to see if it is all that it claims to be. Stay tuned for that !<3

2.blendercleanser ( bonus ) - Alongside the beautyblender, was the blendercleanser. Cleansing your beauty brushes and sponges are very important  to get rid of all that excess oil and bacteria which can cling and live on your sponge. Using the right cleanser that is not only gentle for your sponge, but  one that won't breakout and dry your face, is essential for keeping a great skin care routine. Made with a Soy-base, the blendercleanser  has a sweet lavender scent, which is free of dyes and skin irritants. Use this after every use of the beautyblender, to gently cleanse your sponge and keep it moisturized.

3.bellapierre mineral blush( $45 ) - I love this mineral blush. It's a very soft baby pink in color, and it has a cute like twist dispenser to control just the amount you want to use from the product. I did notice that, it shows up extremely pale and almost "non-existent" on the first use. But, with added applications, it gives off just enough of a "natural" hue for my skin tone. It's intended to give off a soft, and radiant glow, with some of the "finest" minerals to help enhance your natural features. I think it's a great natural product alternative! ( Comes in 4 colors). If your a little skeptical, you can always ask companies for samples of  a product, if you feel it might not go with your skin tone, speak to a representative and see what they have to say!

 4.balance me (Body wash)(Price 14.00) - This body wash has to be one of my favs from the box. The "Balance Me" super toning wash, is 99% natural and super gentle on the skin! I love that it practically woke me up with the scent of Juniper, Bergamot, Geranium and lavender! It's kinda woodsy , and citrusy in smell. Can you say AROMA-THERAPHY!

5. Vichy Soothing Moisturizer (Price $31 ) -  I can't say I've seen a difference in using this cream on my face. I have combination skin, which tends to get super oily on my T-zone and I get dry spots on my cheeks. So maybe this would work better on someone with extremely dry skin. What I have noticed  when I did applied, was absolutely no breakouts! (which is like unheard of for a moisturizer on my skin). Usually my skin feels super heavy with moisturizers, and I tend to stay away. So that's pretty freakin awesome!

6.Toni & Guy Sea Salt texturizing spray (Price 14.99) - The is spray is intented for that suave beach look! Too bad  my hair had enough "texture" in it, so I was quite unsure on what it could actually do for me lol. It did have a light sweet scent, which I always do appreciate!<3

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  2. I would love to win a glossy box because, I have been trying to get a hold of these products for some time now. I was planning on saving my birthday money in order to purchase them; however, now the opportunity has presented itself for me to be a lucky winner!

  3. Over the past few months I have struggled with finding myself beautiful. I recently gave birth to a little girl and ever since then it has been almost impossible for my to look at myself in the mirror and smile. I would feel so lucky to win a beauty box box because maybe these products will help me search through the emotional wreckage and find a prettier, happier me.

    1. IG name: bohemian wanderlust
      FB name: Talia J. Clayton

  4. I would love to win a glossybox because I've been wanting to get these products for the longest. I'm a student and right now GlossyBox doesn't fit into my budget.


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