How To Get The Perfect | Twist and Curl ft. Entwine Couture

How To Get The Perfect | Twist and Curl ft. Entwine Couture

Hey ladies! So I tried out the "Twist and Curl" on my hair this past week using my Entwine Couture products and here's the results!

 I decided that this years goals will be focusing more on  moisture and hydration, as well as retaining length in my hair strands. When you realize that proper hydration is the key to great results, you'll end up with less frizz, ultimate shine, and great definition! <3

   My Steps on | How To Get The Perfect "Twist and Curl"

1.  Starting with dry stretched hair (that was previously washed and conditioned) with  Miss Jessie's "Cream De La Curl" (Shampoo and Conditioner) I stretched my hair with 8 large braids and let them set overnight.

2.  I began to part my hair (to get my hair ready for the two strand twist),with small to medium size twists. I then took a section of hair and slightly sprayed my Alikay Natural's "Lemongrass Leave-In" all over the section, focusing on my ends and making sure it's saturated.

3. I then took my wide tooth comb and combed through adding Entwine Couture's "Afrodisia Leave-in"  the "Exotique Butter Crème" as well as the "Crème Jelle Styler".

4. Using my Denman brush I start with my ends, and worked my way up to the roots just to make sure that the section is properly moisturized and detangled.

5. Next I two strand twist my hair 1/4 of the way and smoothe out my ends making sure its prepped for the perm rods.

6. I then rolled my perm rods firmly from ends to roots ( using the pink perm rods)

7. Let air dry (or sit under a heated dryer)

8. Before unraveling the twist, apply oil to your finger tips ( I used Entwine Couture's 100% Raw Vegan Argan Oil) then start from the bottom, and work your way up to the roots, being very careful not to allow your ends to frizz.

9. Separate each twist once, and fluff at the roots. Repeat all over your head.

10.  Oh yeaaah... your done! <3

So how do you guys like it? Would you wear this style? Put your comments below! <3


  1. Love your hair
    I have a twa ...... and I do not know what styles to do with it .....I just tie scarfs ...

    1. Thank you Ann! You can do tons of styles with your TWA depending on how long is it! Search Youtube for a few TWA friendly styles! Enjoy! <3 :)

  2. this is such a great read. the attention to detail is encouraging.

  3. I want to try this so bad but I have no idea what you said!!


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