My Thoughts on the "Dark and Lovely Anti-Breakage" Products | Review

My Thoughts on the "Dark and Lovely Anti-Breakage" Products | Review

Hey ladies! So, Recently I've been given the opportunity to review the new Dark and Lovely's Anti-Breakage products!. (yay)I was pretty excited to try their new products because I haven't used Dark and Lovely since I was relaxed. So seeing the "new" change that was made, was pretty interesting. Now, I don't believe these products are 100% natural, so I kinda got fooled when I read the "Au Naturale" title on the label, (which is somewhat misleading)... but...I thought I'd give it a shot anyway! Here's my thoughts on their Anti-Breakage line.

1. Tension release Hair Wash ($9.99)- While washing my very old 6 day hair, I knew that I had to get rid of all my build up before getting a fresh start on my new style I had coming up. I used 2 quarter size amounts of the hair wash and began to saturate my scalp. The first thing I noticed was that it gave a good lather, which I absolutely love about shampoos. The second thing I noticed was that it didn't make my hair stick together like some other drying shampoos did, so I REALLY appreciated that as well. I liked the smell of the hair wash. It was pretty lemony and light, which wasn't really over baring to me. When I washed it out, my hair felt clean, and it actually looked shiny. Overall, I really liked the hair wash! This product is definitely worth the buy!

2.Strength Restoring Conditioner- ($9.99)- After shampooing my hair, I immediately wanted to try out the conditioner, (which would help me detangle my hair and give it back its softness). I poured some and began to coat my hair with the conditioner....I added some more product......and more...and...more.....I had to use almost the
whole conditioner just to try to detangle my hair!.so.... yeah.. I disliked this product! It did nothing for my hair. I couldn't get any slip what so ever! Detangling was a absolute mess, I even let it sit on my hair for 5 mins, and still, it sat on top of my hair and didn't even absorb in my hair strands. I was really disappointed because it looked really thick and creamy to the touch, but it had no effect. I really wouldn't recommend buying this product if your hair is similar to mine.

3.Root to tip Mender- ($9.99)-  After I washed the Conditioner out, I was pretty skeptical about using any other products, and to be honest.. I didn't until 2 days later. Lol, By that time, my hair was dry and braided into 4 sections. While taking my hair out, I briefly read that this product is suppose to stop split-ends before they start, and leaves hair healthier and stronger...It came in a little tube that squirts alittle amount out, but before I can use any, all I could notice was the extremely strong perfume smell. The consistency was pretty creamy, and it seemed to go deep into my hair, so that I loved... but that smell... has to go please!

4. Super Softening Hair Butter ($9.99)- If I had to choose a product that I loved so dearly from this line, it would be the "Super Softening Butter".. OMG, this product is so amazing! I used it to create a simple braid out and it was SUPER soft! I love, love, love this product. The smell was sweet and light and the consistency was soo creamy and moisturizing. The only thing that wasn't the greatest, was the hold. Even though it's softening,  it had  little to no hold, so I would recommend adding a styler  so that you can get a better hold for this hair butter! Overall, This product was my favorite, 5 out of 5 stars from me! <3

My thought's on these products were half and half. I liked the shampoo and moisturizer, but really disliked their conditioner and the smell of the root to tip hair mender. I'd definitely Buy the hair butter as it was my favorite, and it might even be added as a new staple of mine! :) <3

So what would you try? Have you tried these products yet? What are your thoughts on Dark and Lovely's line?

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