Influenster | Uni Vox Box

Influenster | Uni Vox Box

Influenster is a website that offers free products in exchange for "reviews" or blog/social features. Being fairly new to Influenster I received my very first box in the mail a few weeks ago! This is what I got!

1. impress Press on manicure-  At first glance your thinking, "Yesss, at least 1 week of no polish,  no hassle, and the best part?  You don't need any glue because it sticks on"!

Well, that wasn't entirely the case. I took the nails out of the package, (which I believe came with 24 ) and sized each nail with my own for a perfect fit.

All you do is, peel it off, and stick it on! SO easy...well.. about half way through the night, I realized that my once tight fitting nail, was now sitting comfortably on the ground. (I guess the whole "Stays on for 1 week" didn't really work for me.) Naturally I tried to stick it back on Lol, but the glue wasn't as strong as I imagined it would be. My thoughts on this product is definitely a very quick solution for a last minute wedding, gathering, or social party. I don't think It will last longer than 3 days in my opinion! <3

2. Pilot Acroball Pen-  I really love the look and feel of it of this pen! It glides on my notes pretty easy and allows lots of freedom when I write.  It's definitely a new fav. Loves it!

3. RedRose Real Tea in Raspberry -  I was excited to try this product because I haven't been able to really find a lot of drinks that don't have artificial colors,dyes,and HFCS. So when I received the RedRose tea, I just had to add a few drops to my spring water to get a taste test! I immediately noticed the taste had somewhat of a "Diet" drink or a "Sugar Free" "Artificial" taste. I really didn't like this product to much.. But hey every one's different! :)

4. Rimmel Stay Matte Mousse Foundation  - In my box I also received a makeup product. I received the "Rimmel Matte Mousse Foundation" in Sandy which is a matte foundation. It really wasn't my shade.  .. (sad face) but, I thought I'd use it anyway as a base for my eyeshadow. Stays put all day and is amazing for highlighting/contouring! I was bummed to find out that they don't have my shade at all ,even though it comes in 6 shades,( all much lighter than me) but it still goes on sooo super smoothe and feels amazing! I will probably mix alil of my regular foundation to darken the color which will allow me to still achieve that "matte" finish I was after! When in doubt, Improvise.

5. Platex Sport- Works great! It's very comfortable and light, I hardly knew it was there!

This Unibox was my first one, and I have to say, that I liked it! I mean, who doesn't like free products shipped to their door lol :)

Have you ever heard of a Unibox? What was your thoughts for the Unibox?

Put comments down below! <3

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