Runway Talk: Interview with Model Alex Harris

Runway Talk: Interview with Model Alex Harris

Hey BaronessCountess.com readers! 

Meet Alex Harris. An awesome model from Indiana, whose worked with some amazing brands and people in the Fashion Industry.

I wanted to get the scoop on what it's like being a male model, his current and past projects, as well as advice for anyone interested in becoming a model period!

Here's the Scoop!

1. What is your name and where are you from? 

My name is Alex Harris, I'm from Fort Wayne, Indiana. Currently I am located on the east coast. 2. How did you first get started in becoming a male model? 

When I first started I had no experience at all. I've always been a hands on learner and I've always had a sense for fashion even though I couldn't get the things that I wanted for myself growing up.After graduating high school I ended up going to college 2 hours away from home in Indianapolis, where I was able to meet the right people to help me get started. They provided me with the knowledge to start taking it a little more serious.

3. What experiences have you gained and learned from being in the model/fashion industry? 

I've learned so much from being in this industry. I learned that I love to be in front of the camera but I also love to work the behind the scenes, direct, and produce work for myself and others.Some of the shoots of the Harris Twins had my art direction play a part which was amazing to see something that you create in your head come to life. I learned that it's not only about how talented you are but how social and connecting you are with the people around you. Especially the supporters and fans.
4. What campaigns are you currently involved in, and what should we expect from you in the near future?

Right now I'm involved with 4 clothing brand campaigns who include:

Privileged Life 
American Boy New York
Jordan Craig Denim
DLux Denim brand

I look forward to being part of these brands and their future collections. I also want to get involved with high fashion branding, and product endorsements.

5. Name 5 of your top favorite fashion designers. 

Giorgio Armani
Ralph Lauren
Donna Karan
Aj-Bj Bindra
Vaughn Jereaux

6. What do you believe makes a "good" model, a "great" model?

I believe it's all about how passionate you are about your craft and the drive and effort you are willing to put in to making it work.

7. Name some of the people that your most proud, to have worked with? 

Nv Magazine team
The Source Magazine team
Privileged Life Team
American Boy Team
Enyce Team
Stevie Boy Team

All of these brands played and essential part of the Harris twins Branding.

8. What keeps you motivated to continue your goals?

What keeps me motivated is the endless opportunities that are available for the people who are willing to go out and get it. There are very many different levels to this industry. The bottom to the top would be very satisfying.

9. What are a few things we should know about Alex Harris?

I have no Tats yet
I love animals
I've played tennis since I was 8
I love to write/blog

10. What advice would you give to our readers on wanting a career in the modeling industry?

Stay focused and don't let anyone tell you that you not capable. Never give up and always take your career seriously. Where can we find you? ( social media- Twitter, FB, Website, IG, etc,)

Instagram: @alextwinharris 
Facebook: Alex Twin Harris 
Harris Twins

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