Spring Hair Trend 2014 | Fendi BOBS

Spring Hair Trend 2014 | Fendi BOBS


Let's face it. We all love to stay "in" with what's the latest hair, fashion, and style! So it was only right for me to give you guys the latest Designer Hair trends for the runway! (only because you guys are my fav! <3)

BOBS! are BACK! And not just back, Fendi Fashion has incorporated this edgy look into their runway fashion shows.

From the runways of Fendi, amazing hairstylist "Sam McKnight" created this free and choppy look, that were tucked behind each of the model's ears. Keeping this runway's Spring 2014 trend, very "Edgy and Chic".

 (Models were spotted sporting coral/peachy natural lip hues, topped off with cat-like fun shades.)

            ( Here, model is seen getting her hair Trimmed and shaped for the runway show)

A few weeks ago, you guys seen me sport the "Bob" look and I got amazing feedback on the out-come of this wig!

 This wig is very comfortable and snug and has little to no shedding. It's made with 100% human hair, and keeps my hair protected when I'm having frustrating hair days. (Yes, I get those too! :) ).

To keep my hair protected and tucked away, here are my top 5 tips on Wig Care and Wig Wear!

  1.  Washing your wig- Washing your wig is very important on total look and style your hair achieves on the finish results. I wash my wig with a very mild shampoo, to keep hair looking shiny and as "natural" as possible.
  2. Styling your wig- There is nothing worse than taking a wig out of its package, and immediately apply it to your head. As you see above, I love to tease the hair a bit and make it fluffy for a more realistic and natural look. Don't go out with the super slick down hair. Bobs are made for edge, and fun!
  3. Wear a satin cap- Wigs can indefinitely take away your hairline, if the right products aren't used to protect your own hair. Wearing a satin cap or satin liner cap, can keep moisture on your hairline and protect your hairline from tension alopecia (loss of hair due to tight daily wear).
  4. Keep wig in Package- A lot of wigs come in it original packages, and that's great to keep hair from becoming too tangled and creating unnecessary breakage. If you don't want to keep wigs in it's package, invest in a good wig holder!
  5. Moisturize your hair- Keeping your own hair moisturized is very important for your hair even while protective styling. Your own hair must be moisturized in any protective style, to maintain the health and lessen the chance of breakage. Use a daily moisturizer underneath your wig, or spritz alil water and oil mixture on ends and hair strands which is prone to break off quicker.

And those are MY top 5 tips for Wig Care and Wig Wear.

How do you feel about wigs this Spring? Will you be protective styling with them? Share your comments below!


  1. Where Did you get your wig from? it's gorgeous !

  2. If you regret a short haircut the human hair wigs can make a perfect short-term solution until the natural hair has grown to a more acceptable length. synthetic lace front wigs Wigs are pretty common and come in synthetic hair as well as natural.


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