ANTM Cycle 9 Bianca Golden interviews with BaronessCountess.com

ANTM Cycle 9 Bianca Golden interviews with BaronessCountess.com

Hey Guys! Recently Baronesscountess.com caught up with America's Next Top Model (Cycle 9) "Bianca Golden" and got a heart to heart on her being on ANTM, life after ANTM, her recent transition back to being fully Natural, and her advice to aspiring models everywhere.

ANTM has been and still is one of the number 1 modeling shows in the country. Hosted by Tyra Banks, the show scouts models from different states to possibly win a spot as a super model,and become part of the many prizes and modeling opportunities from becoming the winner of ANTM.

Since the show airing, she has since then came back on ANTM to appear as an all star  for"America's Next Top Model All Stars" and was very vocal about who she was and is as a model.

She has graced the covers of countless magazines and signed to Ford Modeling as a result to her exposure from the shows and continues as a model today.

But, recently we see a change in Bianca's hair. She expresses how she has been natural since the show, but has always worn a weave. She now wants to embrace what GOD has given her, and return to being fully Natural, without the color,wigs,or weaves. She has teamed up with "Alikay Naturals" and other brands for the Natural hair Community. We got the scoop on her personal hair care products,brands, and beauty tips with Founder of BaronessCountess.com "Lichelle"

Below are the Questions asked to Bianca in her interview with BaronessCountess

(You can follow along with the inteview audio Bianca has provided)

Hello, and Thank you for appearing on Baroness Countess, One of the newest  Natural, Beauty, Fashion, and Celebrity Online Publications.

Let's Start by Introducing yourself;

1. Can you tell our readers, What's your name, Where are you originally from, and What you do?

2. A lot of people may know you as Bianca from ANTM Cycle 9 and ANTM All Stars, Can you tell us alil about that experience, and what you've learn since then?

3. Lets catch up, Since the airing of ANTM, What have you been up to?(Personal/Career)
4. Recently you posted on your Instagram, that you've decided you "Will no longer be wearing a Weave". What inspired you to change your decision?

5. Have you tried any New hair products since going Natural? Which ones do you like the best?

6. What are your top 3 Must-Have Beauty items?

7. Do you have any Makeup tips that you will like to share with our readers?

8.What would you consider your own personal Fashion Style to be? (Chic, BOHO, Classy, Retro)

9.What can we expect from Bianca in the next few years?

10. Any advice, would you like to share with your readers?

You can find Bianca on her social media at

IG : @BiancaGolden

We want to hear from you! 

So what are your thoughts on Bianca? How do you feel about her returning fully natural again?

Put your comments below!<3

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