Review | "We are Onyx" May 2014 Box

Review | "We are Onyx" May 2014 Box

                                                We Are Onyx "Kandi Land" May Box Review

Hey ladies! I'm excited to tell you about a new subscription based box I've discovered, that's geared specifically for women of color.

 It's called "Onyx Box". Onyx Box is a sampling subscription based beauty box for $25 a month. We are Onyx picks out 5 samples for your first box, and after that you choose your samples for your second box! (Sweet!)

We are Onyx was kind enough to send me a box for May to review! In this Box, "We Are Onyx" teamed up with Celebrity nail artist Kandi Banks,and came with some of Kandi Banks fave nail art treats! I received 5 full size products that included faves from "Shea Moisture"" Colour Gossip"China Glaze" and new loves from a brand called "Biao".

First Reactions

1.The first thing I noticed was the beautiful packaging.
It's so pretty and colorful! I have to say that receiving products in a well made package definitely makes the whole experience that more exciting! : )

2. 5 Full size products! Idk about you, but receiving 5 Full size products was a surprise for me! It is well worth over the $25 dollars you would pay for the box.

3. The theme. I like the fact that each month seems to have a new theme going on. Last month was geared towards cosmetics ( which valued over $100) and before that featured hair products from "Beautiful Textures". This month's theme is all about nail care, which is what I'm really into right now :) !

4. The quality. The quality in these products are amazing! The pigment in the nail polishes are top of the line! And really, one coat will do the trick!

The Products:

1."Biao" Rejuvenating Cleanser- ($18) Recently I've been obsessed with exfoliating and keeping my skin hydrated and moisturized. So when I seen this all natural facial cleanser in my box, I was anxious to try. I used it just before bed to take off my makeup, and began massaging it into my face. After about 5 mins I noticed my face had a slight irritation as it turned red. It didn't burn or itch, but I had a tingling sensation. I noticed that this happens when I use 100% pure African black soap as well. When I read the back it had all natural and organic ingredients, including Lavender, Vitamin E, and Honey Suckle. So maybe the potency of the ingredients were very high for my oh so sensitive skin ;)! Still all in all, it's a great cleanser, and I use it every other day to cleanse my face and get rid of the gunk left on my face from Oil,Makeup and the outside air.

2."Shea Moisture" Coconut and Hibiscus hand cream- ($8-$10) Can we say score? I don't think I know any natural who hasn't been (if not is), a Shea Moisture fan! I've been a Shea Moisture fan since I big chopped (which was about 4 years ago) and I've pretty much used every product there is for hair. Most recently Shea Moisture sent me a few items from their makeup line (which will be reviewed soon) and so far I'm loving it! I haven't really tried any products that gear towards skin and facial care, which was exciting to try!  The consistency was very thick and creamy, which is great for dry skin and locking in that moisture. The smell is so yummy! It smells exactly the same as their Curl enhancing smoothie (which is everyone's fav). And it comes in a easy to travel, lightweight tube. This comes with me everywhere for a quick rejuvenation from the sun.

3.and 4."Colour Gossip Nail Lacquer" in "Busy Body" and "All that Jazz"- ($9) Busy Body is a deep dark brown color which is very rich in pigment. It goes on amazingly smoothe and lasts for days! All that Jazz is a greenish sparkly bluish nail lacquer coat, that leaves specs of beauty all over your nails!

5.China Glaze Nail Lacquer in "Bahama Blues"($10)- My absolute fave out of all the polishes! It glides on nails and gives the most prettiest baby bluish turquoise I've eve seen! I applied two coats, and it was amazing in color and quality. By far one of my favorite nail brands ever!

I also receive a bonus sample of Hex nail art, which had two pieces of nail art, to be used once nails has dried as a cute finishing touch to any at home manicure! :)

So what do you think of this month's review from "We are onyx"? Would you try? Have you tried? Leave your comments below!

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