Vibe Magazine | I was Featured on VibeVixen.com!

Vibe Magazine | I was Featured on VibeVixen.com!

Hey Countettes! many of you who follow me on Instagram or Facebook, already know that I've been featured on VibeVixen.com . I was actually tagged a few times  from you guys letting me know about the feature (but I take breaks from being on social media from time to time) and actually didn't see this until a few days later! But thanks guys for always letting me know! <3

As a kid, I always looked up to magazines like Essence, Ebony, and Vibe, and loved the fact that we had a place that represented "Us". Whether Straight, Weaved, Natural, Relaxed, those magazines were some of the only sources to really understand the "truth" about what's going on in the community. I remember growing up reading these magazines and wondering who were the faces behind the stories, (and just how "laid" those" just for me" perm Ads had those little girls hair Lol.). I often related to those girls and the articles as being apart of me. Taking in
the problems and stories, the gossip, and sharing the moments in that time with them.

So it's amazing to me to be apart of not just 1, but all 3, within 6 months. I would have never imagined to have gotten this far without the help of my followers who support me, and inspire me everyday to continue on my journey. I realized that it's not just about hair, it's about sharing, and interacting, inspiring, helping, encouraging, motivating, and becoming a stronger, healthier community. Each day we teach each other to be greater, and help each other to be wiser.

To be noticed by something that you love to do, and to inspire those around you at the same time, is such an awesome moment for me to experience. I just wanted to take the time out to thank you all for allowing GOD to go through you, and help me get to this point. I'm truly great ful and can't wait what's in store for the future!<3

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