4 years Natural Celebration | Big Afro

4 years Natural Celebration | Big Afro

        4 years natural. I never imagined I'd be 1 year natural, let alone 4 years! I celebrated my 4 year natural anniversary with you guys, and  the support was amazing! It's so easy to get caught up in someone else's hair journey,that you often compare their hair to your own hair.(Yes I'm guilty of this)

 I've had alot of "set backs" on my growth journey that can somewhat get a lil frustrating. I've dealt with heat damage,shedding,breaking,trimming...all within the last 4 years,as well as 1 Big Chop and 1 Semi Big Chop! It was only natural to feel like.. "Yeah but, this isn't 4 years worth of hair growth".

Not knowing how to take care of your hair can make or break it. In the beginning, I straightened my hair at least every other week for about 2 months,until I stopped and started transitioning from what I felt was heat damage.(No one told me! Uggh!)

I didn't know a thing about how to properly take care of my hair. How to moisturize and seal. Low manipulation,finger de-tangling, or something as simple as "pineapple-ing". Youtube, blogs,inspirational pics ,have all helped me with getting passed the" awkward stage" and the "semi awkward" stage. It still inspires me today !  Not everyday will be a "perfect" hair day. What's "perfect" anyway? Is perfect the majority who approves, or does perfect exist when you approve of it?

 In life, validation is always great,("Ohhh girl,that twist out is bomb.com Lol) but it's when you learn to accept yourself truly and fully without it,that you realize you never needed it. Rock your twist out,wash and go, Bantu knot, Afro,or whatever you want, because you feel you want to do it. Look with in yourself, to find your true validation!<3


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