Pretty Girl Brushes + Organic Makeup brush cleanser | 100% Vegan High Quality Brush review

Pretty Girl Brushes + Organic Makeup brush cleanser | 100% Vegan High Quality Brush review

Hey Ladies! Makeup has been on the rise over the last few years and so has the need for quality brushes. M.A.C, Sigma, and Tarte brushes have been raved about for being high-end, high quality,durable and long lasting brushes.

 I was introduced to a brand called "Pretty Girls" a few weeks ago and I wanted to give you ladies a great review based on everything I noticed about the quality of these brushes.

They are 100% handcrafted and created to be soft to avoid damage to the skin that can lead to wrinkling overtime.They are 100% cruelty free and vegan!

Let's break down each brush and their use:
(Right to Left)

1. S-04 Flat Top Brush- ( For applying liquid,cream,or powder foundation for a even application.)
First impression/use

This brush was amazing with applying my liquid foundation! It gave a really good even layer of makeup without streaking or giving the hideous "line" effect (that makeup lovers hate). My skin looked absolutely Flawless,and these brushes are some of the softest brushes I've ever felt in my life!

2. S-01 Tapered Brush- (Multi-use Foundation,Concealers,Primers,Contour)

First Impression/use
The first thing I noticed was the shape. It has a dome-like shape that is perfect for under eye concealers and applying eye shadow base/primers on the lids. I use this for all my under eye applications to really highlight my face and bring it forward.One of my favorite brushes out of the set!

3.S-03 Round Tip Brush- (Precise makeup application and buffer)

First Impression/use
 I use this to blend the contouring cremes/powders on my face. This is a great brush to use for buffing makeup and blending any harsh lines around the cheeks and or nose area! Such a good makeup blender!

4. S-02 Angled Top Brush- (Designed for all angles of face.Blush,Bronzer,Cheek applications)

First Impression/use
Love Love Love! I'm in absolute awe of this product. It's angled perfectly for cheeks and is a great applicator for applying Blush, Bronzers, and really intensifying the hollows of your cheeks. This brush is essential for your contouring needs,and definitely one of a kind.

5.S-05 Large Domed Finishing Brush-(Setting applications,blending)

First Impression/use

Loved using this brush for getting rid of all my excess setting powder lingering on my face,and it's pretty good at setting my highlight!
Overall these brushes are High-End, High Quality brushes, that are quickly rising up in the beauty world. Youtube MUA's such as MakeupD0ll and Shlinda1 have used them and both gave a positive review! So I had to try them :)<3 They are also totally affordable!

100% Organic Makeup brush Cleansing Bar

What's better than that liquid dawn soap your using to clean your brushes?
How about a 100% organic cleansing bar?

This cleansing bar is sooo good! It gently cleansed my makeup brushes in seconds and brung it back to it's original state. It's made with 100% organic ingredients and it's free of chemicals and toxins,which is far more gentle when trying to wash your brushes.

It left it soft and clean, without any shedding. But to put it to the test, I tried it on my Black Gel liner brush just to see it it will also break up makeup other than foundations. To my surprise, it worked even faster at breaking the makeup and exposing my bare brush! A Must have!

I'm loving this brand so far, and I'm looking forward to new upcoming products!

If you would like to find "Pretty Girls" please check out their website

Facebook : www.facebook.com/prettygirlsmakeup
IG: @prettygirls_brushes

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