Entwine Couture Moisture Mask | Review

Entwine Couture Moisture Mask | Review

Hey Ladies!

So Entwine Couture totally surprised me, and sent me a package with their new Clutch products which are "Deep Penetrating moisture masques".

When I opened the clutch I noticed 5 packages of the masques, and my first thought was.."Um, yeah I'm going to need more than this".

It wasn't until wash time that I realized that 1-2 packs was ACTUALLY enough for my extremely thick hair. ( the density of my hair is much thinner when water it applied).

I absolutely LOVE this stuff! It's AMAZING at detangling your hair. It smells awesome,has amazing slip, and leaves your hair super smoothe and shiny .

 I loved the product so much that I actually used it as a leave in to define my curls and reapplied to my hair to achieve my "Kinky Curly Fro"! that left my hair soft all week. 


1. Smells yummy!
2. Leaves hair Super Soft
3. Detangles hair with a breeze
4. Slightly defines curls as a leave-in
5. Keeps hair hydrated all week (if used as a leave-in)


1. $10 bucks for 5 products :/
2. Only 5 products...
3. Needs bigger sizes for those who need more to saturate hair

Overall, this product is super great for de-tangling and keeping your hair soft.

What I dislike about the product, is the amount given for the price you have to pay for it. I will wait for the 8-16oz containers before I buy, but it's seriously tempting!

So what are your thoughts?

Have you used this product before? What Entwine Couture product have you used? 

Leave your thoughts and comments below!



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