L.A. Girl Glazed Lip Paints | Swatch/Review

L.A. Girl Glazed Lip Paints | Swatch/Review

Let's face it! I love colors!

 I always pick my shade of lipstick depending on the day and my mood. When I'm daring, I choose red. When I'm mysterious I choose purple. It's all about being able to express myself when it comes to makeup. My outward appearance almost always fits the inward! 

So for a few months now, I've been hearing non-stop about these "L.A. Girl Glazed Lip Paints".  Being a lipstick girl, I let this one slide through the cracks of my makeup phenom, because of it being a gloss. I chose not to dig deeper and hop on the bandwagon.

It wasn't until recently that L.A. Girl sent me a few of their Lip Paints as well as their Gel liners to try, that made me realize that maybe I should have. :)

These Lip Paints are sooo awesome! I Looove how pigmented they are, and for $4 dollars each, you really can't beat the price. 

These particular Lip Paints, have been compared to major brands like, O.C.C Lip Tars, as well as "Melt" and "Too Faced" Cosmetics. ( which 1 ranges in price of about $18-$24  ) in this deal, you can get all 6 shades for about $24-$26 dollars depending on where exactly you purchase them from. After swatching and reviewing them, I decided to give you my list on Pros and Cons of the L.A. Girl Lip paints.


1. Highly pigmented product. Very build able. The more you apply, the more intense it looks.

2. Smells like peppermints. ( I mean who doesn't like peppermints )

3. Super Affordable. This product ranges from $2-$5 (Depending on where you maybe purchasing it.)

4.True to color. I love the fact that the package is true to the color of the lip paints. It's definitely a "What you see, is what you get" type of product. No need for a color test, the package is true to color!

5. Comes in a cute tube. I'm all about colors and great designs.  The design of this product alone is super cute and chic! It's like a little present that you want to keep wrapped because it's so cute. Lol. Loves it! <3


1. Messy. The product comes out very runny, and it can get all over the place if you don't be careful. 

2. Gets on teeth. Yes. It will have your teeth all types of colors if your not careful.  It's definitely a product that has to be checked with a compact every so often to make sure no residue is sitting on your teeth. Yuck!

3. May need liner/Lip brush to apply.
As I love this product, I realized that it does bleed, and you may need a lip liner to help prevent your lip paint from going outside of your natural lip line. I found that it's best to apply to your lip directly from the tube, then go over your natural lip line with a lip brush. This should help even out the messy look and give you a more polished finish.

4. Not accessible. Recently you've guys been complaining about not being able to "find" L.A. Girl Cosmetics anywhere. And I must say that I have to agree. L.A. Girl has become extremely popular over the last few months, and it seems like it harder and harder to find their products. I ran into my local beauty supply the other day to find One L.A. Pro concealer in the shade "Fawn". Of course if was mine( after almost running out of the other I purchase.) lol. But luckily I found out that they sell them online as well on the L.A.Girl website, as well as Drugstore.com

Overall, this is a really great product for the price it's asking for. I'd recommend it to anyone, keeping both Pros and Cons in mind before buying them. I suggest choosing one shade and rocking it out a bit before buying all at one time.You should also try to buy a few lip liners to see if you prefer a longer lasting wear! Happy Shopping! :)

So let me know what you think!

Have you tried any L.A. girl products before?

Would you try their products?

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