My experience with PMD | Personal Microdermabrasion (Week 1 and 2)

My experience with PMD | Personal Microdermabrasion (Week 1 and 2)

Hey Ladies!

Do you ever think about having flawless skin? You know, the kind that looks so soft and irresistible that you can't quite tell if you have makeup on?..No? (Me either! ;) But let's just say you did! Lol

I found a device that helps with Blemishes, Fine Lines, Hyper-pigmentation, Scarring, and Dark spots on the Face and Body.(uh, can we say miracle?)

You guys may not know, but I suffer from minor acne, minor Hyper-pigmentation around my chin and frown line area, as well as fine lines. (which suck tremendously). 

None the less, I stuck to my daily routine of cleansing and washing my face. But I realized "It's not enough".  

PMD which stands for "Personal Microdermabrasion" is a hand held device that smooths and rids your skin of its first layer of skin.

While doing this, it helps with the penetration of your skin products, enabling it to work 80% more effectively, by being able to absorb properly into your skin.

My First Impression:

When I received the product, the first thing I noticed when I opened it, was that it was very petite and it had a easy grip for maintaining a steady hand. (Which I thought was pretty neat)

The second thing I noticed was these little discs that should be inserted onto the handheld PMD for the actual exfoliation process.
It came with a white disc( which is made for practicing purposes) as well as 5 additional discs for sensitive to medium skin. It also came with a seperate additional cap for the body. (Red discs are more aggressive and can be bought seperately.)

The PMD comes with a charger that you have to keep plugged in while preforming the at home treatment.

 I did notice that there was no insert for the option of batteries, and didn't understand why until I read that the PMD needed to keep a consistent electrical flow in order to work properly. (We all know how batteries die and aren't really reliable) so keep that in mind if you'd ever like to purchase!

The PMD also comes with a booklet and step by step DVD on how to instruct you with using your device properly.

Ok, Now it's time to actually use the device!

It suggests you use the white disc first, for super sensitive skin on your arm just to test it out until your comfortable. Then move up to the green/blue depending on your skin type.

After cleansing my face thoroughly, I allowed my face to air dry and used the device on a clean, dry, surface. Keeping my fingers very taunt on the skin, I proceeded to use the device in an upward motion, going over each section twice as directed.

When I finished my entire face, I did notice some tingling and redness on my cheeks as well as my jaw area.

As I proceeded to get my toner for after care, my jaw area felt more irritated than the rest of my face, and I knew something had gone wrong. 

Sure enough, after I used the toner my jaw area was burning. The next day,  I was anxious to see what the PMD had did to my jaw area after the burning, and sure enough it left a scab. (Yikes).. I was convinced that the whole product was going to ruin my face, that I actually didn't want to use it anymore. Until I actually felt my skin. Extremely soft and visibly had a more healthier appearance, after just one use!

I finally realized that I didn't use the device properly in that area, and by the second use.. The scab was fading, and I was a pro!

Here are a few before and after pics of the first week and second week, of using the PMD.

In the first week, you can notice my minor acne inflammed, as well as the overall dullness in my skin. These are the results the next day, as I wanted to show you guys pics, of my face to see if I had any serious damage, after use.

On the left is the First week Second day of use.(Right: Face is still alil red after 1hr )

On the right is the Second week, first day after use.

Overall, I did notice my skin visibly looked healthier and smoother. My minor acne, was almost completely gone. Again, this is results after the second use of using the PMD so I don't think there will be much difference, especially because it's a once a week treatment. It's definitely a process...

I did notice a slight change in my dark blemishes on my face. It seemed to have gotten a tad bit lighter after the second use. I also have a few acne marks that are not level to my skin, in which they kinda "sink" in, and I have not noticed any difference with the sunken marks.

So, there you go! A full, review of my experience with the PMD!

Personally, I definitely think it's worth the buy! My skin seems a bit smoother and brighter after the first and second use, and I can't wait to get to month 3!

Check back in next week for my comparison of week 2 and week 3!

If you would like to purchase the PMD go to http://www.personalmicroderm.com/
use discount code "COUNTESSPMD" for 25% off!

Follow on instagram @pmdpersonalmicroderm

*All photos are real, and this review is not sponsored*

P.S. I must love you guys to show my raw skin! :)

Hope this helps!



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