Ask the Experts! Celebrity Hair stylist "Cynthia Alvarez" Chats with BaronessCountess.com

Ask the Experts! Celebrity Hair stylist "Cynthia Alvarez" Chats with BaronessCountess.com

  Hey Curls!

So we caught up with Celebrity hairstylist "Cynthia Alvarez" and asked her some of her favorite tips and products that she uses for her clients! We also got the scoop on working with Keke Palmer, and styling her hair at the red carpet for the 2014 Emmys! Check it out!

Hi Cynthia, and Thank You for interviewing with BaronessCountess.com!

Let's start off by introducing yourself,
1.What is your name, and your occupation?
CA:Cynthia Alvarez.  Celebrity hairstylist.                     
2.Can you tell us about your experience working as a Celebrity hairstylist, and how you first got your start in the industry?
CA:It's been an amazing journey. From my adolescent years, my hands were always in somebody's hair. Whether it was styling or braiding, it was my favorite hobby. I became known in my neighborhood for my braiding skills, and that's when I knew I was on to something, a raw talent. After high school,  I wasnt sure of my future so I signed up for The Air Force. 2 weeks before being sworn in, a friend(who was a celebrity stylist) convinced me to stay and go to beauty school after noticing my abilities. I accompanied her to set a few times, networked, and began assisting celebrity hair and makeup artists while attending beauty school. My first big break came 2 years later while I was working at a salon. Alicia Keys' hairstylist asked me if i would go on a world tour with Alicia! I quit the salon the same day. I was blessed enough to take a risk while learning the power of believing in myself early on in my career. 
3. Recently you styled the beautiful Keke Palmer's natural hair at the red carpet. Can you tell us how long you've been working with Keke, and what tips can you give our readers on keeping healthy long or short hair?

CA:I've been working with Keke for over 5 years.   I've always encouraged my clients to have patience when it comes to their hair. Whether it's long or short,  you have to treat your hair with love and respect. Simple actions like Brushing gently and regular deep conditioning treatments can take your hair to a better cnondition. Using moisturizing cleansers and coating your ends and edges with a lightweight daily nourishing oil such as Ojon Rare Blend Oil. Sleeping with a satin or silk bonnet or scarf will also keep your hair from drying out overnight as well as tangling . Lastly, a tip most women don't like to hear,  trim your ends regularly. This allows your hair to grow by not allowing the split ends to creep up.
4. As a Celebrity hairstylist, what are the top hair trends that you think is most popular of 2014
CA:In 2014, there were many women taking risks with their hair. Creative color was really popular this year, particularly pastel colors. Ombré was still going strong as well as the classic and beachy waves. Short hair was also fun to see this year. Sweet pixies to edgy faux hawks with playful colors were all the rage this year as well.

5. What are a few of your all time favorite hair products to use for your clients?
CA:There are a few hair products that are staples In my kit.
Oribe Superfine Spray
Khlorane Dry Shampoo
Ojon Rare Blend Oil
Aveda Daily Nourishing Oil
Design Essentials Edge Pomade
Oscar Blandi Texture and Volume Spray
Oscar Blandi Dry Heat Protectant Spray
L'Oreal Elnett Extra Hold Hair Spray
Sebastian Shaper Hair Spary
Bumble & Bumble Sunday Shampoo
Motions Weightless Shampoo & Conditioner

6.Can you tell us your most memorable (best and worst) moment working as a hair stylist in the industry?
 CA:My best memorable moment as a Celebrity hairstylist was going on tour and traveling the world 3x! It was both of my dreams coming true. It's a high that compares to nothing else. My worst memorable moment I remember having  as a hairstylist was worrying about a ponytail extension. Literally every night for about 6 months. My client was performing during festival season and we opted for a ponytail for the hotter countries. Well , she whipped this ponytail around all night on stage and I was so worried that it would fall off! Although I pinned this thing to death, I was still so paranoid. Thankfully it never did but the anxiety every night almost killed me.
7. Have you heard of the "Natural Hair" movement? How do you feel about more and more women choosing not to relax or put chemicals in their hair?
CA:I'm actually in Love with the natural movement. There has been a stigma in society against black women and their hair in its natural state for far too long. The movement embraces that and allows women to push through those boundaries and show that black is beautiful.  Misunderstood but still beautiful. Women are now wearing their hair as a crown and exuding a new confidence that's contagious among the community and there are so many outlets now that teach women how to properly care for their curls so women aren't scared or intimidated by their own hair anymore. Not to mention,  adding chemicals to your hair and scalp can have serious side effects.
8. What advice would you give women on how to take care of their hair while in a protective style?
CA:While your hair is in a protective style, it allows you to focus more on your scalp and hair growth. I recommend mixing water and shampoo in a spray bottle and spritz in directly onto your scalp. Rub with your fingertips to cleanse. Rinse the shampoo by spraying warm water onto the scalp and ringing your hair out. The conditioning step can be left on when using a quality product. Mix your conditioner with water in a bottle as well and spray onto the scalp and lightly into the hair. Massage into the scalp. Lastly, apply a natural oil like coconut or jojoba and seal in the moisture by massaging into your scalp . This process will help keep your scalp and hair healthy and moisturized for optimal growth especially in the colder seasons. The spray bottle is handy because it allows you to thoroughly apply the product without disrupting the style.
9.What's next for Cynthia in the next 5 years? What goals/plans are you working on for your career?
CA: I'm definitely going to continue working on building my brand and my clientele.  I have a few opportunities I'm looking into right now and I'm really excited about expanding my talents and becoming an entrepreneur in the beauty industry!
10. What advice can you give our readers thinking of becoming a Celebrity Hairstylist, and what words can you give that may motivate and inspire them to become one?
CA:You know, I always think about the answer to this question and I ask myself what advice I would've like to hear when I was a young girl coming into my own. I think the best advice I can give to anybody is to believe in yourself!! There are going to be people who won't understand and support your dreams, but all you need is your own will and determination to make it. Doors open for artists who are humble, talented, and willing to learn. Network until your fingers and lips are numb, as you want other people to remember you and want to know you better. This industry is all about personality.
Where can our readers find you?
 IG: @CynthiaGlam
Twitter: @hairbycynthia

Thanks so much Cynthia!

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