A look Inside my "black | Up" Cosmetics HAUL ( Foundation,Contouring Sticks, Highlighter, Lipsticks) + Swatches! Part 1 of 2

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*New* 3 Double ended Contour and Highlighting Sticks ( N'02, N'03, N'04)
  •  *New* 1 5 Color Eye Shadow Palette (  PAL04 )
  •  *New* 3 Lipsticks Matte/Satin (Satin "RGE26" ,Satin "RGE35", Matte "RGE37")
  •  *New* 2 Matte Eye Shadows (Shades "OAP7" and "OAP12")
  •  *New* 1 Shimmery Sublime Powder  (Shade "NPS 02" )
  •   1 2-in 1 Lip Pencil  (Shade "JUM 11" )
  •                                                                                                                                                         1 Full coverage Cream Foundation ( Shade "HC 05")
  •   1 Water Proof Khol Pencil Black (Shade "Ks01")
  •   1 Black Up Blush (Shade "NBL 04")
  •   8 CC Cream Multi-Action Samples (Shade "CC02")

  • Hi Loves and Gents!

      I'm super excited to be reviewing products from the High end French make up brand black|up cosmetics! If you haven't heard of black up cosmetics, it's probably because they only recently launched a black up in the U.S. Black Up is currently selling their cosmetics on their site at(www.blackupcosmetics.com). The extremely hard to find products dedicated to women of color, launched it's company in 1999 and has been growing ever since!

    So yes, being a W.O.C  sometimes..(more like a lot of times)  gets hard trying to find foundations/concealers/powders in shades that compliment my skin tone.

     It seems as though a lot of products either show up "too ashy" or "too dark" on my complexion.

     I'm always in the "invisible" slot of the "in-between" shades, that don't exist Lol. I often have to mix shades together just to get close to my skin tone, which wastes time and money!

    Having makeup brands that cater to your skin, is sort of a relief. You really don't find that many companies that care enough to even want to have your shade in their store. So I'm really excited to share my experience with you guys, (as I know it's super important to also swatch everything! ) so you can really get a better idea of how the products may look on your skin! So Let's get started!<3

    First up!

    *Dual End Contouring and Highlighting Stick*
    These Contouring sticks are absolutely amazing! One of the best contouring sticks I've ever tried. It's a cream based product, that gives full coverage. It's super smooth and blends in flawlessly. Below are close ups of the products and a few swatches for you guys!

    1. & 3. Contouring stick N 03 (left)  and N 04 (right) - As you can see, both colors are a very deep dark brown with a deep red undertone. Perfect for contouring and shading. These shades are fierce!
    2. Contouring stick N 02 (middle) - Is a much brighter medium shade brown which looks more
     of a yellowish tone, but in fact it does appear darker than the shade in the pic, and to me it's more on the reddish side. Still an awesome shade for subtle contouring of the face if you don't want a very dark contour.
    Lets get to the other side of these Dual Sticks!
    Contouring Stick ($41.00)
    1.&3. N 03 and N 04 - These are close up pics, to the other end of the more deeper browns (shown in the previous pic)
    N 04 (right) is slightly brighter than N 02's other side(previous pic in the middle) , as it's a reddish brown as well, a very beautiful color.
    N 03,(middle) has to be may favorite for concealing. It's more of a yellow base and gives off the perfect shade for a concealer without looking ashy or white. Highly recommend for yellow undertones (which are hard to find, ugh!)
    2. N 02(left )- is a very pale whitish/pinkish highlight/concealer. It's really bright. A lot lighter than my skin tone, so I'm probably not going to use this too much for the under eye area. I might use this side to clean up under my brows, for a highlight, and even as a shadow base, as it's pretty thick. But anywhere else will have me looking like I slapped baby powder on my face Lol...never a good idea!
    I also took the liberty to twist the product all the way up (left) to show you just how much product comes in the space. It might look like it doesn't have much, but I assure you, it's FULL coverage and you only need alil bit to do the job! In my opinion this should last a long while!

    (From top to bottom, swatches 02,03,04)
    Full Coverage
    Great Shade range
    Blend able base
    Glides on easy
    Long Lasting
    Great Quality
     May come out of packaging if not careful
     Lets move on to the next product!

    Sublime Powder $36.50
     The Sublime powder is a gorgeous shimmery highlighter/bronzer. I absolutely love it! It's so pretty! ^.^

    Sublime Swatch 
     The Sublime powder "NP02" ( Above) is a very gorgeous face powder/highlighter with a peachy undertone. I completely fell in love with this product once I tried it on the apples of my cheeks! I felt so sun-kissed as it applied with ease. You'll definitely feel like a million bucks wearing this!

    Lips. Matte/Satin

                                                                   (Lipstick Swatches) $22.50

    From Left to Right are Lipstick shades "RGE 35" which is a vibrant coral pinkish/redish shade which has a Satin finish. It looks more glossy in the pic than it actually is (which you can thank the flash for) but its much more vibrant and it has less of a gloss look! The next shade is called  "RGE 37" which is a bright pink color with a Matte finish. It's definitely comparable to M.A.C's "Candy Yum Yum". It goes on velvety in texture and I absolutely love this color. The last lipstick shade is "RGE 26" which is a beautiful purple shade with a hint of purple highlighting fine pressed glitter. It's also more of a satin finish, (but the flash captures the light making it more glossy). All of the shades are gorgeous none the less, but I'd probably opt for the darkest colors in the winter, and go for the brighter colors in the spring/summertime. The purple is amazing to wear in this season, so I will be rocking this shade the most! <3 As for Lipsticks 35 and 37, I'll definitely bring them out next season! :)

     Full Coverage Foundation Shade ("HC 02") $42.00
    Now here's the real icing on the cake! One of my favorite items in my black|up Haul!. The "HC 02" full coverage cream foundation. This foundation is absolutely flawless. It's a thick yet light, creamy based foundation that gives full coverage. A little definitely goes a long way. Just a few touches of this product, and your face will be even all around. This is my favorite foundation thus far!
    I'll highlight some points that I noticed.
    I have oily/combo skin so I usually tend to feel really oily at the end of the day (when ever I wear foundation) just around my T-zone area. I can honestly say that not only is this super long wear, but my oil control was kept ALL DAY. 
     I wear M.A.C's foundation in NC45, and I feel this comes closest to that shade! ( I even think it's better ).
    I didn't get any breakouts ( as my skin is super sensitive ). The only thing that was alil weird, was that when I opened the package, some water did come out of it at first, so I'm guessing it's water-based because it is a "Oil Free" foundation. But that's the only thing that I didn't quite prefer in this product. Other than that, I give it a 10 out of 10. :)
    Full Coverage
    Long Wear
    Oil Free
    Blends Easily
    Alil goes a long way
    Price: $42.00
    Alil water comes out when product settles
    Overall this product is well worth the buy, so try something new and give M.A.C a rest, let your skin breathe! :)
    You ladies know I had to get a Discount Code for 20% off for my new subscribers. So make sure to Use code "BARONESS14" at checkout!
    So that's it for part 1 of my Haul! Let me know what you guys think, and please subscribe to my blog for more makeup and hair reviews/tutorials! 
    (Disclaimer) (This is not sponsored, This was my honest thoughts on each product :)
    What do you guys think so far? Would you purchase any of these items? Have you used "Black Up" before? Comment Below!

    * New* 3 Double ended Contour and Highlighting Sticks ( N'02, N'03, N'04)  *New* 1 5 Color Eye Shadow Palette (  PAL04 )  *...


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