wet n wild Collabs with BaronessCountess.com with "My Hero Contest" for Breast Cancer + Giveaway!

wet n wild Collabs with BaronessCountess.com with "My Hero Contest" for Breast Cancer + Giveaway!

( wet n wild pallet in "Spoiled Brat")

Hey Curls,

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and I'm really honored to collaborate with wet n wild cosmetics to bring you the "Think Pink" and "My Hero Contest!. Recently, I was contacted by wet n wild cosmetics to do a pink makeup look using their "Think Pink" Mega Last Lip Color along with other pink products in hopes of bringing awareness to Breast Cancer. I was thrilled to be apart of such an empowering and inspiring campaign, as my grandmother was a victim of breast cancer and lost the battle a little before I was born. Having not known her, I missed out on a lot of opportunities to spend time and cherish that part in my life that I'll never know. Knowing that I can possibly help someone else be there for their grandchild, is really rewarding for me and even though I realize that this can never fill my void, this can never bring her back, this couldn't stop her cancer, I still would like to help the lives of many more people who are facing Cancer or who has loved ones battling breast cancer.

This is why I'm glad to have teamed up with wet n wild! Their promising  25¢ of each "Think Pink" Mega Last Lip Color sold from now until Dec 31st, and it will go straight to the American Cancer Society to help with treatment and research. Which is awesome, and for such a great cause!

wet n wild is also paying tribute to women who have been affected by breast cancer with the its "My Hero" Contest. Anyone can nominate their breast cancer hero, whether it’s someone who fought the disease or helped a friend or loved one through her own fight, from October 20-24,  on wet n wild’s Facebook page.

I've never really "dealt" with my loss. And I know what you might be thinking "How can you lose something, you never had"? And that's a good question. I feel like I knew her based on the stories that were told to me about how she was as a person. It amazes me how you can feel like you've known someone your whole life , whom you've never even met. It would really have been amazing to be around her, even for just alil while. To hug and kiss her. Tell her I loved her. Maybe one day I'll get that chance. I just hope she sees the positive in what I'm doing, and that she's smiling down on me because she's proud of me. :)

Love you Grandma!

wet n wild has a contest called the "My Hero Contest" on their Facebook page which you can enter and win a gift bag full of wet n wild all pink products!

I also have a giveaway for some pink goodies from wet n wild :)

You can enter both if you like!
Rules are simple:

1.Subscribe to this blog (On the main page)

2. Go to wet n wild Facebook wall and Instagram (@wetnwildbeauty) and post "BaronessCountess sent me"

3. Like BaronessCountess on Facebook

That's it!

Winner will be chosen Nov 21st!
(Date subject to change do to circumstances)

I love you ladies for the support always!


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