VitaGoods "Scalp Massaging Brush" | Review + 50% OFF COUPON CODE

VitaGoods "Scalp Massaging Brush" | Review + 50% OFF COUPON CODE

Hey Curls!

So,Vitagoods sent me this amazing Scalp Massaging Brush a few weeks ago and since then I've use it about a total of 5 times ( just to give you ladies a good review) and I have to say that I really love this brush!

This amazing handheld device is easy to grip and really gets my scalp squeaky clean! It's waterproof, (which is great to use in the shower) and I love the fact that it stimulates my scalp which helps promotes hair growth! 

I know your probably like, "What's the big deal"? Why not just use your fingers? 

Well, I loved using this device because it's really fast and simple and makes stimulating the scalp a breeze without your fingers getting tired! It's really easy to turn on and it's super easy to detach and install for cleaning purposes!

It was like getting a mini spa for your scalp :). Since I am a "Shampoo Girl", ( I'll admit ) I've definitely added this product to my wash day!

If you guys know me, I absolutely love healthy clean voluptuous hair, and one way I keep my hair happy, is with a really clean scalp. It's really important to me. 

Ugh! There is nothing worse to me than product build up. My scalp starts to itch, it feels weighed down and oily and it just feels dirty. This fixed that problem with no tangles to my medium length hair. 

A lot of ladies wondered if it "tangles" your natural hair. And for me it didn't. I held the ends on my hair taunt and kept it moving in a circular motion.

 Because I just started using it, I can't tell if there is any significant hair growth, but I'll definitely will do a update for you guys to see if the stimulation helped for my hair growth!

I really would recommend this product for anyone looking for an amazing scalp massaging brush. The vitagoods scalp massaging brush  does it's job! :)

So yes! I have a Coupon Code for you! Use Coupon Code "HAIRBC3" while purchasing the scalp massaging brush, and it will bring the price down (reg $39) to 50% off!

Hope you enjoy Ladies!


So have you heard of this product before? Would you buy it? What are your thoughts? Leave them below!

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