Paul Mitchell "The Detangler" | Review

Paul Mitchell "The Detangler" | Review

Hey Loves!

I will be reviewing an exciting product that I personally feel is one of the best conditioners/detanglers I've ever used in my life!

It's the Paul Mitchell "Detangler".

 So if you follow me on Instagram you should know that the team over at Paul Mitchell sent me a few products (with absolutely no obligation to review), and I decided to test a few out for you ladies!

This is what I thought about this product!
  • Melts tangles away instantly
  • Amazing Slip
  • Leave hair so soft
  • Detangling took 10 mins tops ( Usually takes at least an hour )
  • Rich and creamy
  • Only alil needed ( If hair is saturated with water )
  • Easy to use container for precise amounts

When using this product, I made sure to saturate my hair thoroughly with water first before applying. 

I like to do this step first because :

  1.  It opens the hair cuticle allowing moisture to enter hair strands
  2. It helps with distributing the product evenly ( which means less product is wasted on dry hair )
I absolutely loooooove this product! It really does work!!. I really didn't know what to expect out of the product because as I am a Paul Mitchell fan, I have yet to use all of their products. Honesty, if this product wasn't sent to me I really don't think I would have thought twice about buying it! I didn't believe it catered to our hair texture until I tried a few more of their products and realized a lot of their products do work! 

When using the Detangler, I started on wet hair and applied a few quarter size amounts of product to  the ends of my hair. Immediately I noticed that it seemed like it broke up all the tangles! I was shocked! My hair had been in a tangled knotted mess for about 5/6 days and in a wash and go ( which is like the worst kinda tangle to have!) This is seriously a Holy Grail product and I recommend it to anyone having issues on wash day! Love it! <3

Have you used Paul Mitchell products before? What are your thoughts? Post below! :)



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