(Quick Inspired Post ) Wild "BOSS" Hair |

(Quick Inspired Post ) Wild "BOSS" Hair |

Hey Beautiies!

Yes! I'm bringing you " I just slept on my hair, got up, slept on it again" fluffed and left Rastafarian influenced realness all up in your grill! ( lol )

So! Yes! this is a wash and go. It's actually 5/6 days old and I thought I'd have alil fun and show you  a "gansta" rasta, boss,bad gal look. Well It's not really "Gansta" but you get the drift!

Product I used:

Paul Mitchell "Tea Tree" Conditioner

And that's it!

All I did was rake the product through my hair and left it in for my wash and go!
This is how it looked after it air dried! :)

Absolutely loved the results! Hydrated bouncy healthy curls! Not to mention, my 5/6 day hair turned out massive! Hope you enjoyed this quick inspired post!<3


  1. Is it possible you can show us how you keep the shape of your fro fresh by creating a Pictorial of your cut/trim routine?

  2. Can you tell us your steps for the wash n go?

  3. Yes! I'm dying to know how to get the look in the first pic.


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