Hair Color Update: Shedding, Breakage, Low Manipulation/ New Routine.

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Hey Guys!

I've been kinda M.I.A from posting hair pics on my social media accounts.
So, let's do an update!

Back in Feb/March I dyed my hair jet black using the Dark and Lovely permanent hair dye. I absolutely loved it! It was soo black and soo rich in color!

I was thinking about dyeing my hair jet black for awhile now, and I figured "Hey, what's the worst that can happen".  A few weeks after dyeing my hair, I noticed some shedding, and yes... I also noticed breakage ( Smh! ),and not only did I experience breakage, but my hair color had completely faded!

I'm no newbie to hair color. I've been dyeing my relaxed hair ever since I was 14 years old ( which I now know was extremely damaging ) but I never suffered from any breakage, until now...

Going through this natural hair journey, has definitely allowed me to understand my natural hair, but even though I have an understanding, it somehow always surprises me!

I just really wanted a change, and there's nothing like having healthy looking black hair!....right?

Sigh......until I decided that.....I wanted to go blonde...( lol.... I know! ...smh!)

I was almost at my 5 year mark of being natural, and I never really experimented with my hair. Always very cautious and so careful when handling my strands.
So blonde it is!... that is..the tips...I couldn't fully commit to having a full head of blonde hair. I  decided that I'd try it out for a few weeks on the very tips of my hair.
I wanted to see how my hair would react to the color ( once again ) and see if I'd really want to be a blonde!

That lasted about a month.... and after that..I hated it....

So..I snipped off about 1 to 2  inches off my colored tips ...because to my surprise...I wanted to be black again!!
 ( After the first trim, I trimmed again 2 1/2 inches! )
I was having a mid-life "Hair Crisis"! Lol

I'm sooo glad that's over! Any color I use from now on will be temporary hair spray, because I'm just not committed to having my hair permanently colored.( For now? ;) ..haha)

My new "Low Manipulation" and healthy hair routine.

So, since my had been shedding a lot ( stopped last month ) and I experienced breakage, I have a new "low manipulation" routine.

  • Shampoo once a week ( using T.G.I.N,  I've been loving this shampoo soo much lately )
  • Deep condition once a week (Bananas, Avocados, Coconut Oil )
  • Hot oil treatment once a week ( using Hemp-oil ) << will let you know how that's working
  • No re-styling
  • Keep ends protected
  • Massage scalp (at least ) once a day
  • Finger detangle wet hair
  • No playing in hair
  • Wash and Go 80 % of the time
  • Pineapple hair at night ( to stretch )
  • Refresh hair with water ( no more products used )
That's it!

Really simple routine!

I'm really excited to see where my hair will be next year. In my natural hair journey, I never really focused on length as much as the thickness and health of my hair. This year will be different! No more trimming ( which will be soo hard for me ). I really love neat, healthy, ends... but now that I'm on a growth journey, I've gotten rid of my scissors ( literally )..... and just how long I can go without an actual trim!

So, I wanna know!

Have you ever used color before? What was your experience using color? Any breakage? Drop comments down below!

Hey Guys! I've been kinda M.I.A from posting hair pics on my social media accounts. So, let's do an update! Back in Feb/March...