Hair Color Update: Shedding, Breakage, Low Manipulation/ New Routine.

Hair Color Update: Shedding, Breakage, Low Manipulation/ New Routine.

Hey Guys!

I've been kinda M.I.A from posting hair pics on my social media accounts.
So, let's do an update!

Back in Feb/March I dyed my hair jet black using the Dark and Lovely permanent hair dye. I absolutely loved it! It was soo black and soo rich in color!

I was thinking about dyeing my hair jet black for awhile now, and I figured "Hey, what's the worst that can happen".  A few weeks after dyeing my hair, I noticed some shedding, and yes... I also noticed breakage ( Smh! ),and not only did I experience breakage, but my hair color had completely faded!

I'm no newbie to hair color. I've been dyeing my relaxed hair ever since I was 14 years old ( which I now know was extremely damaging ) but I never suffered from any breakage, until now...

Going through this natural hair journey, has definitely allowed me to understand my natural hair, but even though I have an understanding, it somehow always surprises me!

I just really wanted a change, and there's nothing like having healthy looking black hair!....right?

Sigh......until I decided that.....I wanted to go blonde...( lol.... I know! ...smh!)

I was almost at my 5 year mark of being natural, and I never really experimented with my hair. Always very cautious and so careful when handling my strands.
So blonde it is!... that is..the tips...I couldn't fully commit to having a full head of blonde hair. I  decided that I'd try it out for a few weeks on the very tips of my hair.
I wanted to see how my hair would react to the color ( once again ) and see if I'd really want to be a blonde!

That lasted about a month.... and after that..I hated it....

So..I snipped off about 1 to 2  inches off my colored tips ...because to my surprise...I wanted to be black again!!
 ( After the first trim, I trimmed again 2 1/2 inches! )
I was having a mid-life "Hair Crisis"! Lol

I'm sooo glad that's over! Any color I use from now on will be temporary hair spray, because I'm just not committed to having my hair permanently colored.( For now? ;) ..haha)

My new "Low Manipulation" and healthy hair routine.

So, since my had been shedding a lot ( stopped last month ) and I experienced breakage, I have a new "low manipulation" routine.

  • Shampoo once a week ( using T.G.I.N,  I've been loving this shampoo soo much lately )
  • Deep condition once a week (Bananas, Avocados, Coconut Oil )
  • Hot oil treatment once a week ( using Hemp-oil ) << will let you know how that's working
  • No re-styling
  • Keep ends protected
  • Massage scalp (at least ) once a day
  • Finger detangle wet hair
  • No playing in hair
  • Wash and Go 80 % of the time
  • Pineapple hair at night ( to stretch )
  • Refresh hair with water ( no more products used )
That's it!

Really simple routine!

I'm really excited to see where my hair will be next year. In my natural hair journey, I never really focused on length as much as the thickness and health of my hair. This year will be different! No more trimming ( which will be soo hard for me ). I really love neat, healthy, ends... but now that I'm on a growth journey, I've gotten rid of my scissors ( literally )..... and just how long I can go without an actual trim!

So, I wanna know!

Have you ever used color before? What was your experience using color? Any breakage? Drop comments down below!

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