Monee Elizabeth | Handmade Jewelry

Monee Elizabeth | Handmade Jewelry

Jewelry has been worn and loved for many centuries. One of the earliest pieces of jewelry, was a 100,000-year-old bead made from an extant species of Nassarius shells.

Jewelry today, can add a large or very simple personal touch to your wardrobe.
(It all depends on what you're going for!)

I often like to change my style, from dramatic to simple, and accessories come in handy to do just that!

Designer Monee Elizabeth designs and crafts hand made jewelry. She has an amazing shop that adds elogance to the modern day minimalist.

Her delicate pieces are perfect for brunch with co-workers,social gatherings,and a dinner date with a special someone. 

Sophisticated jewelry should give an accent to your look, but make you the center of attention. 

Below are a few pieces that I got from her shop!

This beautiful 16" 14k gold filled chain ( $16 ) is part of the B.Y.O.N ( Build your own necklace ) collection. 

You can chose 1 or more charms to go with your chain, or you can add a second chain for a more layed look! Of course I chose the letter "b" for ( baronesscountess ). 

I thought this added a very personal yet minimal touch to my everyday look. This piece is super cute and fun to look at!

The next piece of jewelry I chose, was the Madison Necklace ( $42 ) Made with a gold filled ball chain and clear quarts pendant, I found this piece to be my absolute favorite!

The clear quarts is known as " The Perfect Jewel ".

 In other cultures it's used as a healing stone and is thought to bring good energy to your body!

As I don't know if this is for certain, I do know that I was overjoyed to see this beautiful piece of jewelry draped most gracefully on me! :)

Monee Elizabeth has other pieces of jewelry on her site, like Blue Chalcedony, Moonstones, as well as personalized name plates! 

Very Clean and Refreshing! I love it!

If you'd like to visit her site go to:


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