Save Big At Macy’s This Black Friday

Save Big At Macy’s This Black Friday


Ah yes, the Holidays! My favorite time of the year. I absolutely love shopping for a deal.

This year, I’ll be headed to Macy’s to shop their Black Friday deals, and hope to get all my favorite items on sale.

As an influencer, we’re always looking to buy and try the latest in everything. We love sharing our experiences that can help save you time ( and a headache ) choosing what’s right for you.

 Black Friday sales are honestly the best time to purchase these items.

What I really love about shopping at stores like Macy’s is the experience you get. When you walk into any Macy’s you’re going to feel expensive and luxurious. I love that they specialize in quality, and you can sense it.

They have tons of items in the fashion and kitchen department, but my favorite items to buy are in the cosmetics and home goods aisles.

Here are some items from last years Macy’s sale, that can give you an idea of what to expect this year.

 I’m hoping to find the best in beauty and home goods this Black Friday. Fingers crossed!

Shopping is truly an obsession for me. ( I know many can agree ) I remember waiting on a line for hours, just to purchase my new camera at a Black Friday sale ( definitely worth it, might I add )

Of course I planned ahead, but I also had some help.

Whenever shopping with your favorite department stores, there are a few tips and tricks you should do to help you get the best deals and most out of your shopping experience. Here are a few of my favorite tips and tricks.

1. Sign Up For Emails

Go to your favorite store’s website, and sign up for their e-mail newsletters. You should do this at least a month in advance, ( but 1-2 ) weeks 
before the sale is fine too!

2. Shop With Friends And Family

You’re trying to shop for makeup, meanwhile, you’ve had your eye on new curtains for the living room. This is where friends and family come along. While you’re shopping one deal, your friend or family member can search for the other! Just make sure you have a set meeting place so you don’t get lost in the crowd.

3. Try Shopping Online Deals

So this year you want to skip the store, but still get great deals? Online shop. Sure there might not be doorbusters online, but you can still rack up on great deals if you plan ahead!

4. Create A Shopping List

Planning which items to shop on Black Friday not only saves you time, but a lot of energy. There’s nothing worse than trying to figure out exactly what you want at a big sale. Create a list of all the things you want ahead of time. That way you can focus on just getting the items.

5. Know Your Budget & Arrive Early

If you want to get the best deals shopping during Black Friday, Arrive on time. You want to make sure to set your timer and know your budget ahead of time. Make sure to get there as early as possible to be one of the first ones to score that deal.

And those are my top 5 tricks and tips on how you can have a successful Black Friday Shopping Extravaganza! ( or just the items you truly want )

I hope this helps! 

Tell me which department stores you’ll be shopping at this Black Black Friday in the comments below!

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