5 Cajun Restaurants to Visit Down South

5 Cajun Restaurants to Visit Down South

5 Cajun Restaurants to Visit Down South

Cajun food is one of the most misunderstood cuisines out there, usually it’s mistaken for extra spicy fish that’s been blackened (aka burnt) beyond all recognition, or anything with a little cayenne pepper thrown on top. In reality, Cajun food is one of the most distinct cuisines coming out of Louisiana, with a culture just as complex as its dishes. Below we listed 5 cajun restaurants to visit down south.

1.Gabrielle Restaurant

You can’t miss this blue and yellow cottage bistro. Run by a neighbourhood family, the cozy setting is just a prelude to the refined yet casual Cajun food being prepared here. Go for lunch simply to order the Andouille slider appetiser which is served on Gruyere biscuits and topped with honey-lavender Creole mustard.

2. Down the Bayou (DTB)

Focused on what it calls “reinterpreted coastal Cajun cuisine,” DTB opened this spring and is run by Carl Schaubhut, a New Orleans native. Menu items include mushroom boudin balls— a twist on the usual pork boudin— and andouille pate. The shrimp rice bowl topped with a fried egg, recalls a Korean bibimbap with Cajun roots (crawfish rice!). A school of decorative bronze fish and faux Spanish moss accents conjure up the bayou.

3. Bellue’s Fine Cajun Cuisine

Bellue's Fine  Cajun Cuisine serves everything from Pecan Smoked Turkey, Fried Cajun Spiced Turkey, Old Fashioned Smoked Sausage, Pecan Smoked Boudin, incredible side items and many of Bellue's home cooked entrees just to name a few. If visiting Baton Rouge, you'll find a variety of things to do from viewing 
Baton Rouge Real Estate, touring Tin Roof Brewery to visiting the Shaw Center for the Arts, there’s activities for travelers of every age. While you’re here, immerse yourself in the city’s history by touring Plantation Country, visiting both the New and Old State Capitol buildings and checking out the vast number of local attractions and activities!

4. Atchafalaya

Located Uptown in a rust and gold corner store, Atchafalaya is off the well-worn path but easily worth the trip. Dressed down for brunch with a killer Bloody Mary bar and a live jazz set, guests can expect an elevated dinner seating. If you go for breakfast, order the crab omelet or try the shrimp and grits for dinner. With either meal, the fried green tomatoes topped with butter-poached crab is a must to start.

5. Yellow Bowl

Yellow Bowl is a well-kept secret located in the small town of Jeanerette, Louisiana. Legend has it that this restaurant was the first to fry crawfish. According to the story, the kitchen was rushed to keep up with a packed house and fried crawfish as a last resort. The dish was so popular, it spread throughout southern Louisiana. Guests also rave about the crawfish bisque and the seafood stuffed flounder.

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